Board of Trustees Affiliations



2015 - 2016 Board of Trustees Professional Affiliations



Alissa Abrams (Church of the Transfiguration, Manhattan)

is a business and financial analyst.


SiQi Chen (Saint Thomas Church, Manhattan)

is an analyst with Polaris Management Partners.


Dr. Scott Evenbeck (Trinity Wall Street, Manhattan)

is president of New Community College of the City University of New York.


Nancy Fisher(Church of the Heavenly Rest, Manhattan)

is a Senior Vice President and Director of Communications at The Church Pension Group.


Stephen P. Foley(Church of the Heavenly Rest, Manhattan)

is a partner in the New York law firm of Davis & Gilbert, where he specializes in corporate taxation.


Neva Rae Fox (St. John’s Episcopal Church, Somerville, NJ)

is Public Affairs Officer, Office of Communication of The Episcopal Church.


Jean Cameron Grainger(Saint Thomas Church, Manhattan)

is a wardrobe stylist at Doncasters Group Limited in New York.


Robert H. Gutheil (St. Bartholomew's Church, Manhattan)

is retired Executive Director of Episcopal Social Services and a Director Emeritus of Episcopal Charities of New York.


T.J. Houlihan (Church of St. Luke in the Fields, Manhattan)

is Director of Individual & Planned Giving at Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan.


Muriel Kneeshaw (St. Savior at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Manhattan)

is Professor Emerita at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, New York, where

she had been a professor in it Division of Nursing.


Donald V. Romanik(St. James's Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT)

is President of the Episcopal Church Foundation.


Jean E. Savage(Saint Thomas Church, Manhattan)

is a retired executive of Cox Reps, Inc.


Richard G. Schulze(St. Barnabas Church, Greenwich, CT)

is a financial consultant and Chairman of the Board of Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts.


Yvonne Sterling(Calvary/St. George's Church, Manhattan) 

is a retired public school principle in Brooklyn.


Christopher Stromee(Church of the Incarnation, Manhattan)

is an independent fundraising professional.


Stephen Storen (Saint Thomas Church, Manhattan)

is retired from MBSC Securities (formerly Dreyfus) as Chief Compliance Officer.