Officers and Board of Trustees

2016-2017 OFFICERS

Nancy Fisher President

Donald V. Romanik Vice President

Jean E. Savage Vice President

T.J. Houlihan Secretary

Stephen J. Storen Treasurer



Barbara Hayward (St. James' Church, Manhattan)
Nonprofit manager and professional fundraiser



Alissa Abrams (Church of the Transfiguration, Manhattan)   Business and financial analyst

SiQi Chen (Saint Thomas Church, Manhattan)
Analyst, Polaris Management Partners

Scott Evenbeck (Trinity Wall Street, Manhattan)  
President, New Community College of the City University of New York

Nancy Fisher (Church of the Heavenly Rest, Manhattan)  Retired Senior Vice President and Director of Communications, Church Pension Group

Robert H. Gutheil (St. Bartholomew's Church, Manhattan) 
Retired Executive Director, Episcopal Social Services; Director Emeritus, Episcopal Charities of New York

T.J. Houlihan (Church of St. Luke in the Fields, Manhattan) 
Director of Individual & Planned Giving, Marble Collegiate Church


Muriel Kneeshaw (St. Saviour at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Manhattan) 
Professor Emerita, Division of Nursing, College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, NY

Donald V. Romanik (St. James Church, West Hartford, CT) 
President, Episcopal Church Foundation

Rachel Salvato (Grace Church, Manhattan) 
Marketing Manager, Burnham Nationwide

Jean E. Savage (Saint Thomas Church, Manhattan) 
Retired Manager, Cox Reps, Inc.

Richard G. Schulze (St. Barnabas Church, Greenwich, CT) 
Financial consultant; Chairman, Old Sturbridge Village, MA

Stephen J. Storen (Saint Thomas Church, Manhattan) 
Retired Managing Director, Bank of New York Mellon