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Members of the Church Club are lay Episcopalians.  Associate members are laity of other faiths, and Episcopal clergy.  Membership is represented throughout the United States of America, with particular emphasis in the New York tri-state metropolitan area of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

Becoming a Member or Associate

Membership is by nomination by a current member.  If you are interested in joining the Church Club,  please complete and return the Membership Application and Payment forms below.  For more information click here to contact us, or call 212-828-7418.


Annual Membership Dues

  • Patron Membership $500 for one person
  • Sponsor Membership $200 for one person
  • Dual Membership $350 for two persons in the same household
  • Basic Membership $85 for one person
  • Clergy Membership $65 for one person
  • Seminary Students and Spouses $45 each person
  • Young Adult Membership $45 for one person under the age of 40 years

Life Membership

  • Life Membership is $4,000 for one person.  By granting this designation, you are exempt from annual membership dues in all future fiscal years.